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Double- stack Glass loading machine

Double- stack Glass loading machine

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Product description

Equipment function and introduction

WHBL-T1-02 double- stack glass loading machine,produced by Langfang Manhope, is composed of two parts: the glass transfer manipulator and the paper take-up manipulator. It has the function of automatic glass adsorption and grabbing, automatic removal and placement of paper between glass, automatic loading-in transmission, automatic glass surface sweeping and static elimination, fence safety protection and shutdown alarm when personnel enter accidentally .

Product features

1. The glass fixture has a glass single-sided lifting structure, which can effectively avoid the adhesion of the paper.

2. The glass clamp suction cup is made of polyurethane material, which  will not produce imprint on the glass during the suction process.

3. The equipment works automatically online without the intervention of operators.

4. The main girder is welded with steel pipe ,which is high strength and good stability.Using dual robot operation, driven by servo system and transferred by gear and rack ,guided by linear guides, it has the advantages of accurate positioning and stable operation.

5. Equipment components are using at home and abroad renowned brands to achieve high reliability. Equipped with an optimized structural design, the equipment structure is simple and easy to maintain. The intelligent control program can effectively identify the online status of each component and make reasonable adjustments and controls.

6. The equipment has a separate guard fence and a safety light curtain protecting, with convenient and concise loading, easy for employees to operate. At the same time,it can prevent the personnel from accidental injury caused by mechanical equipment.

7.The equipment consists of two glass storage stations and one waste paper storage station.

8.The whole machine is equipped with power- cut protection and gas cut protection, and the operation programming interface is simple and easy to use.

9.It has the function of acousto-optic alarm in case of material shortage.

10.Equipped with online real-time monitoring, remote control functions.It can be selected by customers.

Main technical parameters



Working form


Module conveying height mm


Grasping height mm

Min 120,max 1200

Pallet height mm


Glass weight kg


Glass size mm

Length 1100-2100width 680-1100

Power Supply

380V-AC, 50Hz, three phase five wire

Electrical power kw


Air source pressure MPa


Air consumption L/min


Beat s/p (Theoretical value)


Equipment dimension(guard included)mm


Equipment weight kg

about 1300



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