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About us

About us

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-14 00:00:00
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Langfang Manhope Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Longhe Industrial Park, Langfang, was registered in Langfang Administration for Industry and Commerce in December 2006 (Registration No.: 131002000003535, Registered Capital: RMB 20 million). Now, we have a factory covering an area of 28,625 square meters.There are an R&D building and three factory buildings on the ground for the production and manufacture of equipment.

With the rapid increase of new manufacturing enterprises in China, we,on the basis of maintaining close contact with China’s major module production companies, universities and colleges,have set up different project departments by selecting backbones from the company’s staff , forming a situation that every department go hand in hand in different business fields.Our company's products are mainly divided into four aspects:photovoltaic equipment, environmental protection equipment, automation equipment and food packaging equipment.

In terms of photovoltaic equipment, our company has independently developed an automatic production line for solar modules.while performing standardized design and production, a large number of single-machine equipment have been designed and produced, such as:double stack glass loading machine, EVA / TPT cutting machine, secondary glass loading machine, on-line repairing unit, automatic edge trimming machine, automatic angle filing machine, automatic framing machine, automatic glue filling machine, curing loading and unloading unit, 90 degree/180 degree/360 degree turnover equipment, robot typesetting machine, robot framing machine, robot sorting machine, automatic tape sticking and so on. Meanwhile, various non-standard design ,such as manipulators, conveying systems, tooling and equipment are customized for solar module production companies.

In terms of environmental protection equipment, our company is equipped with a highly sophisticated design team composed of professional environmental protection personnel, which can customize various environmental protection process plans for customers. Through electrostatic adsorption, DMF recovery, biological treatment, activated carbon treatment and other processes, exhaust gas can meet emission standards.

In the aspect of automation project, we mainly research and develop non-standard automation production line equipment and testing equipment, which is a professional manufacturing team integrating development, scientific research, design, production and manufacturing, technical services and marketing. At the same time, the automation degree of existing production line can be upgraded and reformed.

For food packaging equipment, our company can undertake filling machine production line, barrel water, bottled water production line. We also can design and produce non-standard cleaning equipment, lifting equipment and conveying equipment.

Our company follows the international quality and engineering management model, giving full play to employees’ innovative spirit and team spirit. We provide customers with the best quality products and the most reliable guarantee.Our company has a number of patents. After many years of development, we has gradually formed a characteristic high-tech production lines ,which "research, production, marketing" is closely combined with others .With the spirit of continuous progress and development of Manhope staff, our products and technology are constantly maturing and developing. We have won the trust of many large companies (ChinaYingli, Qingdao Haier, Chengde Lulu,Tianjin FAW, Nanjing Jinlong, Tangshan Haitai etc.) with our high-quality products and excellent services. And we have establish long-term and stable win-win cooperation relationship with those companies.

In order to improve the performance and stability of our products, we have developed a strong alliance with domestic professional research institutes and colleges to optimize the design of related equipment and constantly improve our products. We have established Langfang City-level Research Center.At present, business is booming and flourishing.

"We are all running hard because we are all dream catcher.” Nowadays , due to the increasingly fierce market competition, Manhope staff are striving to surpass themselves, pursue excellence and forge ahead. We take science and technology as the guide and take market as the benchmark, gradually form our own corporate culture.We strive to create a free working platform for every employee, give full play to everyone's ability, and contribute our collective strength to the creation of our harmonious society!

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